A Discovery Of Witches

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Original Title: A Discovery Of Witches

Country: USA | UK, Sky One

Genres : , ,

Cast: Teresa Palmer, Matthew Goode, Alex Kingston, Valarie Pettiford, Lindsay Duncan, Tanya Moodie, Daniel Ezra, Edward Bluemel, Freddie Thorpe, Louise Brealey, Owen Teale, Greg McHugh, Aisling Loftus, Elarica Johnson, Aiysha Hart

Seasons count: 1 (Renewed to season 2 and 3)

TV show A Discovery Of Witches is a romantic fantasy which is broadcast on Sky One tv channel.
This is a screen version of eponymous novel from the book series “All Souls Trilogy” by Deborah Harkness. The showrunner Kate Brooke (“Bancroft“) is engaged in scenario adaptation. Juan Carlos Medina (movie “The Limehouse Golem”) filmed the first three episodes. Executive producers are Jane Tranter (“Succession“), Lachlan MacKinnon (“The White Princess“) and Julie Gardner (“Doctor Who“). Production is supervised by Bad Wolf (“His Dark Materials”) and Sky Productions.
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A Discovery Of Witches Season 1

A Discovery Of Witches season 1 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...) The main heroine of A Discovery of Witches season 1 is a young scientist Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer). The girl unexpectedly finds and awakens the bewitched alchemic manuscript in her research, which was hidden deep in the book depository of the Bodleian Library of Oxford University. Being a descendant of the ancient and famous kind of witches, Diana does not want to associate her life with magic. Therefore, she returns this book back to the storage. But her discovery sets in motion all the underworld. Because Diana found the coveted treasure lost in the darkness of ages and only she can destroy this spell. In addition, Miss Bishop meets her vampire equivalent - Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode), and gradually falls in love with him. And their intimate union threatens to break the age-old taboo. As a result, hordes of demons, witches and vampires will soon come to our world in the upcoming season 1 of A Discovery of Witches tv series.

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