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Homeland season 1 poster Showtime channel

Original Title: Homeland

Country: USA, Showtime

Genres : , ,

Cast: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Maury Sterling, Elizabeth Marvel, Amy Hargreaves, Jake Weber, Linus Roache, Linus Roache, Claire Keane, Lamont Easter, Robert Knepper, Sandrine Holt, Roger Tyler, Julee Cerda, Lesli Margherita, Jeff Moore, Derrick Worsley, Ari Fliakos, John S. Howell Sr., Annie Humphrey, Justin Kucsulain, Matt Servitto, Kysionia Daye

Awards : Won 5 Golden Globes. Another 49 wins & 163 nominations.

TV show Homeland is a crime drama created by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon which is broadcast on American Showtime tv channel. Claire Danes plays the main role.
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Homeland Season 7

Homeland season 7 poster Showtime channel Spy thriller Homeland with the season 7 returns to the air on February 11, 2018. We found out at the end of last season that the newly elected president Keane is a real bitch. She repaid for the salvation of her life by the arrest of 200 intelligence officers without any charges being brought. And now again unemployed Carrie Mathison challenges the White House, trying to achieve the release of "prisoners". Although the great Peter Quinn died, we must live on... Carrie will not be left alone in the new episodes. She will meet old friend Max, who will happily give her a helping hand. Carrie's new mission is to expose increasingly paranoid Elizabeth Keane and her rotten team in new episodes of Homeland Season 7.

Homeland Season 6

Homeland season 6 poster Showtime channel Homeland season 6 begins a few months after the events of the previous season. Terrorist attack prevented in Berlin and Carrie Mathison returned to USA. Now, she lives in Brooklyn and works at a foundation, whose effort is to help the Muslims living in the United States. Meanwhile, the day of presidential elections approaches. This is a very exciting time for every American. Conflicts of interest of the present and the future head of state go far beyond the White House. The transitional time in government is very hectic and anxious. The lives of many people around the world depend on the US election results...

Homeland Season 5

Homeland season 5 poster Showtime channel The action of Homeland season 5 begins 2 years after the events of the previous season. Suffering from bipolar disorder Carrie Mathison left the CIA. Now she runs a security specialist in industrial organization Düring Foundation, headed by Otto Düring. Carrie lives in Berlin with her new boyfriend Jonas Hollander. Her former mentor Saul Berenson is now led by the European branch of the CIA. Her ex-partner, Peter Quinn finished the work on the contract in Syria, and got a new job in Berlin. He could not refuse the Saul's offer. Their paths will cross again. Meanwhile Düring sends Carrie in a refugee camp, which is located on the border of Syria. She is pleased to return to the epicenter of events. Carrie manages to arrange a meeting with the commander of Hezbollah. She asks for safe passage to the Syrian refugee camp, which is under their control...

Homeland Season 4

Homeland season 4 poster Showtime channel Homeland season 4 continues to talk about the fight against terrorism. Carrie Mathison took over as head of the CIA office in the Afghan capital. Sandy Bachman, who's the CIA station chief in Pakistan, gives her information about the whereabouts of Taliban leader. Carrie orders about airstrikes on his hideout, but 40 local residents who came to the wedding are killed together with the terrorist. Video from the wedding hits the Internet that is a cause of scandal. After a while Carrie went to Islamabad, where US intelligence leads the hunt for the leaders of Al-Qaeda. She doesn't trust the Sandy's people. So Carrie calls Max and Fara to organize secret headquarter. She also convinces Peter Quinn, who left the service, go back to help her. Carrie is taken to investigate the chain of failures in Islamabad, but very soon she's on the crosshairs of Islamic terrorists network whose agents penetrated even to the US Embassy.

Homeland Season 3

Homeland season 3 poster Showtime channel Homeland season 3 starts 2 month after the attack on Langley. The number of victims has reached 219 people. Mathison called to testify in the Senate Committee. Everyone thinks that Brody has committed this act of terrorism. But Carrie points to the fact that she does not believe that Brody is guilty or knew that the bomb was in his car. She helped Nicholas to flee abroad. Saul Berenson considers Carrie the best agent and protects her. However, after some time, he publicly declares about Carrie's bipolar disorder. In addition, she stopped to take the necessary medication. All this leads to the sending of her in a psychiatric hospital. Jessica Brody is in financial difficulties and begins to interview for a job. Dana spend a month in the hospital after she cut her wrists in the bathroom. She tries to return to normal life but is irritated by the constant control of Jessica. Dana is particularly upset that mom does not allow her to see Leo - patient of psychiatric clinic, who became her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Brody is located in Caracas. He's disoriented and doesn't know whom he can trust ...

Homeland Season 2

Homeland season 2 poster Showtime channel Homeland season 2 begins six month after the finale of season 1. After the expulsion from the ranks of agents Carrie Mathison tries to cope with her psychological trauma. Meanwhile, Fatima, a former informant of Carrie, comes to the CIA. The woman says that she has information about a new terrorist attack, which will take place in the US, but all the details she could report only Mathison. Agency agrees to bring the former employee to the case. After that, Carrie flies to Beirut under an assumed name. At this time, Nicholas Brody is facing some changes in his life. Now, he's a congressman and a potential partner of the current Vice-President in his presidential race. Also he received new instructions from the head of al-Qaeda. The wife of Nicholas, Jessica continues to experience difficulties in raising her daughter and learns that her husband is Muslim. She is shocked by this. Jessica doesn't agree with the fact that Nicholas accepted the religion of people who held him as a prisoner and tortured him.

Homeland Season 1

Homeland season 1 poster Showtime channel TV show "Homeland" is based on the original Israeli television series. In 2003, U.S. Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody is missing in Afghanistan. For several years he was presumed dead in battle. But during a secret raid US troops find Brody on base of terrorists. CIA expert Carrie Mathison believes that the sergeant recruited by al-Qaeda. Terrorists specifically left him so he returned to the United States and has prepared a terrorist attack. Only the government and the public believe that Sergeant Brody is a war hero. Mathison's boss Saul Berenson categorically rejects the possibility that the CIA conducted an investigation regarding Brody. Nicholas has a wife and two children. Plagued by suspicions Carrie Mathison begins to follow the sergeant and his family illegally. Journalists also want to talk with a war hero. In addition family problems begin after his return. The eldest daughter, Dana blackmails his mother, Jessica, that will tell father about her connection with his best friend, while Nicholas was in captivity.


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